We are a group of Guatemalans and friends of Guatemalans, mostly from the town of Cajolá in the department of Quetzaltenango in Guatemala, and most of us are Maya Mam. (The Mam people are one of the four largest groups of Maya people now living in Guatemala.) Many of us have had to migrate to the United States out of necessity -- to earn money for food,  medical care, school, or housing for our families. Nearly 94% of Cajolá is poor, and nearly 40% of us live in the United States. We have organized ourselves to watch out for each other, especially during hard times, such as when someone dies, or gets sick. Some of us have returned to Guatemala, to Cajolá, and we are working there to organize the community to develop opportunities for a better life so that no one has to leave his family and community behind in order to survive.


Who We Are...

Our Work...


>    Help for compañeras or compañeros who are confronting life and death tragedies

>    Workshops and seminars for North Americans and Guatemalans about history, politics, or the Maya culture for example

>    Advocacy for immigrant and human rights

>    English, computer, literacy, or math classes for Guatemalans

>     Library emphasizing Guatemalan history and culture, in Spanish, English, and Mam

>    Collaboration with the Guatemalan consulate to secure passports and other documents for Guatemalans living in the United States


>    Advocating for transparency, access, & quality of education  

>    Scholarship Program for high school & university students

>    Recuperation of the Maya Mam culture

>    Internet center & Mini-library (Cajolá’s first and only library)

>    Economic development

>    Community organizing & Political formation